BEA FlatScan 3D Gets the Thumbs up

Door Access and Entrance Systems (DAES) based in the Northwest specialise in Automatics, Industrial doors and Gate and Barrier products. Being members of the Automatic Door Suppliers Association, they embrace the industry safety standards and are always keen to evaluate products that can offer more choice.

The BEA FlatScan 3D is one of the products they wanted to evaluate so chose a particularly sensitive project in both safety and aesthetics terms to give it a try. Laura Clarke, DAES Operations Director commented, 

“The FlatScan 3D is of interest to us because the sensor covers the entire door area and the coverage extends beyond the door edges, for maximum safety. The small installation footprint makes it ideal for those situations where the client is looking to retain as much of the door image as possible. We are extremely pleased with the finished result and the door has retained its original character. I think you will agree it’s a tidy looking job”.

We at RTR agree and are happy to have helped DAES in their evaluation.

For more product information on the BEA FlatScan 3D visit the RTR website via this link: SAP4180-2 BEA FlatScan FlatScan 3D R/H SW L/H for opening and closing faces on a Single Leaf (

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