Controlled Access

RTR started its product journey supplying products for automatic doors however over the years we recognized that our customers were increasingly being asked to install and maintain a variety of other door types and access systems. Hence our product range has increased substantially with 3000 products in our 630-page catalogue and website.

Access Control products are now a part of most customers' offerings, and we supply products with different levels of sophistication to suit various applications and budgets.

Manually operated doors often need a simple but effective level of controlled access and mechanical push button locks offer just that. With no requirement for additional power supplies or add on locking devices they offer a reasonably priced solution with a range of features.

There are multiple manufacturers of push button locks, dormakaba (Simplex), Codelocks and Borglocks. Whether it's internal or external use, stainless steel or to be used on fire doors, there is a suitable push button lock available. There is the option to go to a higher level of control with a smart battery-operated option, which allows for multiple codes and phone and card connectivity. 

Please give us a call  or contact your area representative  Cheryl Flinders or Sean Bennett and we will be happy to assist you select the best option for your application.

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