Hotron Sensors Highlighted

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our range of Hotron activation and safety sensors and accessories. The sensors have a reputation for reliability and a broad span of functionality so you can be guaranteed to find a product that meets your needs. We highlight two of the more popular sensors below.

SSS-5 Range of Swing Door Safety Sensors 

  • SAVE ON COSTS No need to use 2 PCB units in one sensor housing to ensure compliance with EN16005. Only 1 PCB unit is required to provide 800 - 1,000mm of safety overage along the swing door width.
  • REDUCE INSTALLATION TIMES Removable wiring terminal block and push button detection distance settings significantly reduces on-site installation time.
  • STRONG & ROBUST Solid, tough sensor body design not susceptible to vandalism or damage during installation.
  • PERFORMANCE RELIABILITY The SSS-5 performs reliably on all floor surfaces and reflective environments.

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HR100-CT Sliding Door Activation + Monitored Safety Sensor

  • PIONEERING SUPER SENSOR offers pedestrian door activation and unprecedented safety at mounting heights of up to 3m.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT Intelligent unidirectional detection ability reduces door hold open time by 20% and building energy loss by 6% in a standard installation.
  • UNPARALLELLED PEDESTRIAN SAFEY Unique ability to memorize door motion allows the infrared safety curtain to be focused inside the moving door leaf resulting in unparalleled pedestrian safety.
  • VERSATILE FLEXIBILITY to adjust the door activation and pedestrian safety detection zones independently makes the HR100-CT the ideal sensor for every sliding door installation.
  • EASE OF INSTALLATION all the information necessary to install the HR100-CT sensor is printed on the sensor body.

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