New Team Member!

David Laverick our new Technical Manager says " I joined the technical department at RTR on 26th June this year. I have over 30 years’ experience in the door industry with several roles under my belt. 

I am a lift engineer by trade but during the recession in the late 80s I was suckered into the door industry by promises of loads of money and started as a trainee door engineer with NT Access and worked my way through several companies as Service manager, contracts manager and finally technical manager for record UK. 

My hobbies include Friends, cooking, collecting watches, travelling, and trying to keep my wife Sally happy!!!!! 

I am still in my early days at RTR and I still have a lot to learn with the systems that are used and the amount of operators we supply. My colleagues are more like a close-knit family than work colleagues and are treating me like an adopted member of the family."

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