RTR Services Support BBC DIY SOS Children in Need Big Build

Introduction: RTR's Contribution to BBC DIY SOS - Children in Need Big Build Project

RTR have donated dormakaba ED operators and accessories to the BBC DIY SOS - Children in Need Big Build project. We were contacted by Eagle Security who had been given the last-minute task of installing automatic doors onsite. BEA have also kindly supplied the Flatscan 3D SW safety sensors to this project.

Project Focus: Treetops Hospice Bereavement Centre in Derbyshire

This ‘Big Build’ is a bereavement centre attached to Treetops Hospice in Derbyshire, which counsels’ children affected by trauma, such as the loss of parents to accident or illness. 

Collaborative Efforts: Ashley White and RTR Services Team

Ashley White Business Manager at RTR Services coordinated the supply of equipment in collaboration with Eagle Security. We were pleased to have our product manager, Carl Cornish support the Eagle Security installation engineers to ensure the tight time frame was met and everything went according to plan. 

The whole building was put up in eleven days. This included all services, wiring, decorating, landscaping – the whole lot. A truly impressive feat.

The image below shows the heat lamps drying the paint as they worked on the doors.

dormakaba ED Operator on Main Entrance Automatic Doors

Challenges Faced: A Hectic Site Experience 

The site was manic - like trying to install auto doors on the M25. They are fitted on the main entrance, where everybody wanted to pass through.

Our Thoughts: Carl Cornish’s Project Reflection 

Carl said, “Whilst it was the most hectic site I’ve ever attended, it was also the most good-natured, and the efforts everybody was making to help get the build across the line was incredible – it really does put a lump in your throat.”

Installation of Automatic Doors with Dormakaba ED Operators

The Impact and Conclusion: A Charity Donation Success 

RTR's donation of dormakaba ED operators and accessories, alongside BEA's Flatscan 3D SW safety sensors, helped facilitate the successful construction of the Treetops Hospice Bereavement Centre for the BBC DIY SOS - Children in Need Big Build project. Ashley White and Carl Cornish’s, collaborative efforts resulted in the successful completion of the project in just eleven days! This achievement really shows the positive impact of community support for children affected by trauma. We are pleased with the outcome and look forward to many more projects in the future. 

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