The GILGEN FD20 Automatic door drive unit a choice for all occasions

The FD20 has built up a reputation for simplicity and strength due to its compact and light weight design. The electromechanical swing door drive unit provides quiet and smooth door operation making it an ideal choice in many applications. Its advanced technology and functionality combined with user friendly controls make setting up of opening, closing time and safety monitoring etc, as easy as possible. No additional external programming devices are required.

Illuminated program selector keys and a master switch are integrated into the side cover for intuitive operation. With exceptional strength, the robust FD20 is capable of reliably opening and closing doors even if exposed to wind speeds of up to 80 km/h (320Pa). In these particularly arduous conditions, a reinforced closure (forced engagement of lock) can be activated to ensure the door closes against the strong winds. 

Ingress protection rating of IP20 make the FD20 suitable for mounting internally in a wide variety of commercial and public sector applications. Electric locks/locking mechanism are directly connected to the control unit.

If you are looking for an even more compact drive unit take a look at the FD10, which has a height of only 70mm.

For further information contact Sean Bennett or Cheryl Flinders .

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