FRG1 Finger Guard

Introducing the RTR FRG1 Finger Guard which is a compact anti-finger trap solution for hinged and pivoted swing doors. It’s design prevents finger trap hazards throughout the door’s full range of movement, whilst fully concealing the fixings in the closed position.


• RTR FRG1 Finger Guard foot mounting arrangement allows easy fitting and removal from the door, allowing cleaning of the hinge area.

• Concealed fixing screws in the closed position make the RTR FRG1 Finger Guard aesthetically pleasing and it is available in silver, black or white finishes.

• Suitable for manual and automatic swing door installations.

• RTR FRG1 Finger Guard is an effective safety solution for complying to the requirements of BS8613, Class 2.


Please contact your regional representatives, Cheryl Flinders, or Sean Bennett to discuss this finger guard further.

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