Introducing the BEA Widescan Industrial Door sensor

The BEA Widescan Industrial Door sensor revolutionizes activation and safety through cutting-edge technology.

Key Features of the BEA Widescan Door Sensor:

1. Precision with Laser Technology:

Thanks to precise laser distance measurement, the Widescan sensor creates a 3D detection field, facilitating exact calculations of object dimensions, speed, and direction.


2. Intelligent Object Profiling:

Object profiling filters out parallel traffic, ignores pedestrians, and optimizes the door's opening height as needed.

3. Virtual Pull Cord Activation:

The inclusion of a virtual pull cord allows intentional activation, ensuring the door opens only when necessary.

BEA Widescan Door Sensor Visual Experience:

Product Video:

Explore the product in action through our detailed video: LZR®-WIDESCAN - Opening, presence, and safety sensor for industrial doors (product) (

Installation Tutorial:

For a step-by-step guide, refer to our tutorial: Tutorial LZR-WIDESCAN – The smart sensor for industrial doors.

Contact Information:

For further discussions and enquiries, please contact your regional representative Cheryl Flinders or Sean Bennett .

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