New Product Highlight - BEA V-switch

The V-SWITCH is a touchless opening sensor for automatic doors, using laser technology. It activates the door when an intentional movement is detected in a pre-defined area. The sensor can be surface or recessed mounted and is used as a switch.

Thanks to its different operating modes and outputs, the sensor offers great flexibility (toggle mode, partial versus full opening, etc.). It is the ideal solution for applications where hygiene is essential: hospital, clean rooms, hotels and restaurants, pharmaceutical industries, logistics and retail.

Plug and go

Recessed or surface mounted, the installation of the V-SWITCH is intuitive, avoiding drilling or running cables through walls. Upon first powering up, it learns its environment and offers preconfigured settings.  

At RTR Services, we pride ourselves on providing quality products that deliver reliable and effective performance. So, if you're looking for a sensor that offers touchless opening without running cables through walls, then look no further than the SAP4504 BEA V-SWITCH.

Contact our office or your regional representatives, Sean Bennett or Cheryl Flinders, for further details.

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