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The SVP 6000 emergency escape lock is particularly suitable for  external doors that need to be permanently accessed from the inside but rendered accessible from the outside by authorized persons via access control.

Thanks to the emergency escape function, the door can be readily opened by simply operating the lever handle or panic bar, while the automatic relocking mechanism ensures secure lock re-engagement once the door has closed.

Range of monitoring functions

The feedback contacts of the lock allow the latch, deadbolt, cylinder and lever handle all to be monitored. The signaling functions of the SVP 6000 are particularly suitable for monitoring and ensuring the convenient operation of doors in emergency exit and escape routes, but can also be used to trigger alarm systems or for remote monitoring.

Access control integration

Thanks to the solenoid controlled external lever handle, the SVP 6000 offers a simple solution for access control whilst providing secure locking and emergency egress. The external lever handle can, for example, be activated by means of a floating signal triggered by a card reader.

Website link here - dormakaba SVP 6000 Emergency Escape Access Controlled Lock (

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