New battery backup system for the dormakaba ED 100/250 swing operators

In this month’s TechTalk we cover the new battery backup system for the dormakaba ED 100/250 swing operators.

We will be supplying four kits:


- ACC0510 which is for use on a single unit and contains all the parts to install the battery unit


- ACC0511 which is a double kit if you have existing Vario cover installed


- ACC0512 which contains all parts if ordering as part of a double unit including Vario cover (covers between arm centres between 1500-2200mm)


- ACC0513 which is the same as above with the larger Vario (which covers between 1500-2800mm distance between arm centres)


Pictured is the ACC0511 kit.


This is OEM designed and approved (inc. UKCA Declaration of Conformity)


As mentioned, it fully integrates into the VARIO cover system, avoiding fitting components and cable routing outside of the operator. Importantly it also reduces the physical space and installation effort external fixing entails. (N.B. It increases the length of the single unit to 915mm)


The continuous operation time (under battery power) is more than sufficient for most applications.


The battery technology chosen ensures long shelf and service life and the packs are available separately, removing the need to replace the entire system at the eventual end of battery life.


For more details, please contact your regional representative Cheryl Flinders or Sean Bennett

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